Tuesday, August 3, 2010

View from the top

Can you say CRAZY???

Our niece Mckinlee is staying with us for a couple weeks so Jason decided to take the kids up to the Stratosphere since they had been asking to go. He bought them unlimited rides on top of the Stratosphere and they went on all of them several times. Yes.....They are crazy. I went on the Big Shot up there about 15 years ago and I will NEVER do it again. LOL  One time was enough for me. They are definitely some brave kids. I told them I didn't even want to know what they rode on until they were all done and SAFE. I am glad that's over with. They had a BLAST though and I am glad they got to do it:)


Brasher family said...

Shauni- you make me laugh! :) Yes, my hubby knows how OBSESSED I am, and is good to get me new stuff.

Those rides look crazy! I think the picture is pretty cool too!

I absolutely think that a nice lens makes a difference, but it's really about what you want it to do too. If you shoot in auto- doesn't really matter, because your camera is just going to choose what it wants to do. BUT, I never shoot in Auto, I always shoot in Manual. So I am always choosing my aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.

The reason I chose this new lens is that it can open up to 1.4, so it's a fabulous portrait lens, great in low light, and creates really good bokeh. That is part of why is a lot more expensive- that and it's just better glass.

Before Eric got me this lens, he got me the 24-70 2.8. This one was super expensive, but never left my camera. I used it ALL THE TIME. Now that I have this one, the 24-70 will have to share some time. :)

Do you shoot in auto or manual? What kind of lens do you think you'd want?

Brasher family said...

PS... I loved the pics you took of all the kids in Utah. Super cute! And the pics with you and your boys are darling too! You're such a cute mom!!

**Krista** said...

How fun!What some brave kids. I thought the hot shot was scary and I was 18 when I did it LOL.
About the reunion pics...I got some from Melonie's, some from Annji's and then some from you. They have posted them to their FB, so you can get them from there. That is what I did.
I really wish we could have got the boys all together, that was my plan until poor Rylee got sick.
Next time for sure! :)