Thursday, June 30, 2011

Splash Pad With The Cousins

 A few weeks ago my sister and brother in law came down with their kids...The two of them left me with the kiddos and went out to celebrate their Anniversary...I didn't mind a bit...I LOVE when family comes down. Jason's parents were also in town so he went out with them for a few hours and I took the kids to the park and the splash pad...They had a lot of fun.

My little Aiden has got to be the cutest little guy EVER!!!!

He had so much fun playing in the water with his cousins.

And of course we couldn't go without a visit to the ice cream truck.

Aiden took my hand and walked me out to the water...He loved every minute of it.

My sister and me

Trey and Aiden playing in the water....Aiden has to copy everything big brother is doing:)

Tanner and Trey giving each other a high five on the swings.

Trey and Aiden climbing on the rock wall

My boys....Oh how I LOVE them

Look at my baby getting some air while laughing at his cousin "ton." That's what Aid call Britton.

Maci Bo and Aiden waiting for the water to come out...Here it comes:)
The kids had a great day with their cousins.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trey's Baseball Season 2011

Baseball has come and gone...I can't believe it's already over...This year Trey played in the U-12 Division...Their team name was the Mudhens...Luckily we are right on the border of Henderson so we still get to play in the Henderson League . Trey has been playing with them ever since we moved here. He had a lot of fun playing this year...He had his old coach from last year so it worked out great.

 Here's my boy pitching

 He did a great job as pitcher

 I was one nervous momma though...I get so nervous watching sports.

 Aiden always had a blast at the games

 Most of the time I brought Aiden's scooter and he was all over the place...He is such a great little scooter driver...He cracks me up.

 I even got in on the game at the end of the year....We had a kids vs. parents game and it was a lot of fun. Man those 10, 11, and 12 year old boys do not like to lose to their parents...We saw the attitudes come out in full force that night...LOL....Go parents!!!

 Trey and his teammates at the last game of the season

It was a great season...Good Job Trey!!! We are so proud of  you and we love you tons!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ok..So I just realized...

.... I forgot to post Easter pics...I am only a few months behind on that....LOL..With the 4th of July coming up around the corner I thought I better catch up on a few blog posts starting with Easter. We had a lot of fun. Easter was on the weekend that we had Aiden's birthday party on. All of my family came down and Jason's parents were here as well. We colored eggs at my house, did a little easter egg hunt, and went swimming at Sunset Station where my parents were staying. It was a perfect weekend spent with our families.

Aiden loves copying everything big brother does.

The boys got a hat, some clothes, candy, etc.

Trey was helping Aiden find some eggs around the house

He wasn't sure what was going on...He had just woken up and was a little sleepy.

Tanner, Maci, Trey and Britton coloring eggs

Me and my handome young man

Aiden taking a break from swimming sitting by Grandpa

Tiff, Me, and Mom

Aiden thinks he needs to be naked when he swims so he strips down.

Still having tons of fun with brother

I love my boys to pieces

Tiff, Mom and Me

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 5 Leaving Atlantic City and headed back to Vegas

On the last day in Atlantic City we headed to the outlets for a little shopping...We hit only a few stores which included the Coach outlet and the puma outlet....Grandma and Grandpa Yee bought the boys some cute clothes at Puma, Trey got some new shoes at Zumiez , and I got a couple new Coach purses. It was then time for lunch and we headed over to the famous White House.


The White House is a famous sub shop. Pictures of celebrity customers line the walls, inscribed with praise for the excellence of the cuisine. There are news clippings that tell of the time the astronauts came down to eat subs, and of Frank Sinatra once having a bunch of them shipped from New Jersey to a movie location. I love getting to try new things and I'm so glad we have the opportunity to do so. The subs were definitely yummy. Afterwards we left A.C. and headed to the airport. We got there a little early so after we checked in we headed to the lounge. We had a few snacks and drinks and Aiden watched the airplanes.

Trey and Jason lounging at the airport

Aiden baby checking out all the airplanes

Me and Trey
My sweet boys

And the best part on our plane ride home....My loving hubby upgraded all four of us to first class...I got to watch the American Idol Finale and several other shows in the air. It was great:) not to mention the nice leg room and comfy seats...Thanks honey...You always spoil us:)

 Here's a photo of Aiden before we had to buckle up. He wasn't too happy to be restrained again...He whined quite a bit before we actually got into the air...Once we were in the air he fell right asleep and slept for a good 4 hours...It was sooooo nice:) We had an awesome time and I'm really grateful that we are able to experience the things that we do. Thanks to my hubby for making that happen.