Thursday, June 30, 2011

Splash Pad With The Cousins

 A few weeks ago my sister and brother in law came down with their kids...The two of them left me with the kiddos and went out to celebrate their Anniversary...I didn't mind a bit...I LOVE when family comes down. Jason's parents were also in town so he went out with them for a few hours and I took the kids to the park and the splash pad...They had a lot of fun.

My little Aiden has got to be the cutest little guy EVER!!!!

He had so much fun playing in the water with his cousins.

And of course we couldn't go without a visit to the ice cream truck.

Aiden took my hand and walked me out to the water...He loved every minute of it.

My sister and me

Trey and Aiden playing in the water....Aiden has to copy everything big brother is doing:)

Tanner and Trey giving each other a high five on the swings.

Trey and Aiden climbing on the rock wall

My boys....Oh how I LOVE them

Look at my baby getting some air while laughing at his cousin "ton." That's what Aid call Britton.

Maci Bo and Aiden waiting for the water to come out...Here it comes:)
The kids had a great day with their cousins.

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The Foisy's said...

Seriously, how cute is he?! Kills me!