Monday, October 6, 2008

Soccer Game

Trey has had two soccer games this year. He absolutley loves it. He is such a great little player. The first game he made two goals and his buddy made the other two goals. The second game which was last saturday Trey scored four goals. They won 6-0. He is so cute when he plays. The last pic on here is his coach congratulating him on making a goal. The video below is not very long but I actually had my camera in video mode when he made a goal. He is number 10 and is in the crowd of kids. You will see him kick it into the air and into the goal. This is his first year playing so I wondered how he would do. What a great little player he is! Oh, and I still do not have my USB cords so this smaller camera will have to work for now.

Trey making a goal.

Pumpkin Patch

So I decided I needed to get out a little more and make myself feel better. There was a pumpkin patch set up close to where we live and we took trey there to have some fun. You can buy pumpkins there, ride some rides, and they also had blown up bouncin slides. Trey had a lot of fun. He even got Jason to hop in one of the spinning rides with him. The weather FINALLY cooled off. It was actually a little cold to us. It felt awesome though. Just like fall should feel. As you can see I still have my lovely accessory "the pump" on.

Oh and yes I did chop all of my hair off. I know what you all are thinking, but it feels dang good. I was sick of not being able to take the time and do it. And one thing is for certain. Hair always grows!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Update....

Hey everyone! I thought I would update you all on how I am doing. I am actually feeling alot better. I still have my reglan pump in and I believe that is making a huge difference. I have been able to keep my food down for almost a week now and I am just about back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have to eat like every two hours or I get really nauseated. I am really getting sick of the food that I have been eating. If anyone has any suggestions on some foods that would agree with me I would love to hear them from you. Right now I am just eating soups, broth, crackers, toast, cereal, and things like that. My nurse said that I can now start eating more things since I have kept those down. When I talked to the nurse today we changed my dose on my pump and we will see how that goes. If all goes well, I can continue to lower my dose until I am only getting the same amount as two reglan pills would give me. Once I hit that point I can get rid of my pump. I hope it comes soon. I am getting quite sick of this thing. Especially the fact that I have to change the sight every three days and it does not feel too good. myspace graphic comments
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Oh and I will put some "joyful things" on her pretty soon. I lost or guess I should say misplaced my USB cord actually all of my USB cords. ( I don't know how that happened) I am losing my mind lately. But Trey had his first soccer game last saturday and I took some cute pics of him. As soon as I find the cord I will post some new pics on here........