Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Independent

My sweet little Aiden LOVES to dress himself. I thought I was finally going to be able to dress one of my kids like an H&M or GAP Model. That's not the case anymore. He has to pick out his clothes...he has to pick out his pajamas...and he has to pick his shoes for the day. I would rather let him be independent and make him happy than to force cute clothes on him. Heck, what kind of mother would I be if I forced cute clothes on a boy, right? LOL I guess I will wait for a girl to do that:) Then she will have no choice:) My boys are both independent and they like what they like. Simple and Happy. You can't ask for more than that.

Rain boots and pajama bottoms

Still rocking the rain boots
On the wrong feet and all..He loves to jump around in them:)

And I had to post a pic of my baby reading...He loves to point out eyes, nose, mouth, and ears...He is constantly pointing to our faces saying "No (nose), Eye.....So cute:)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Boy

Aiden is my little super boy...It amazes me how strong he is. He is always hanging on things. It started with him hanging on my treadmill bar as soon as he was tall enough to reach the handle. Soon after that he found a pole in my garage that I use to hang Christmas lights with. He brought it into the house and gave it to Daddy to lift it up so he could hang on it. He is so funny. He never lets go either. Look at the smile on his face. He loves it. I get a little nervous though. I don't want him to hurt his arms so we don't let him hang for long although he would.

Me and my boys lounging on the couch watching the football game

Look at his cute boy. He LOVES his rain boots. He wears them everywhere. He has to choose his shoes for the day and 99 percent of the time it's these boots.

I had to throw this pic in. Go Steelers:)

He loves shoes...He walks around in everything from my high heels to daddy's shoes.

He's got his boots...He's got his blankie...What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aiden's 21 Months Old

How did this happen? My baby is inching closer and closer to turning TWO. He is now only three months away. I can not even begin to tell you how much joy this sweet baby has brought us. He is seriously the best. His laugh, his voice, his smile, his dimples, his hugs, his kisses, his sweet disposition..... I could go on and on. This boy means the world to us.

He still LOVES his blankie...And cannot go anywhere without it.

In fact, when I put his blankie in the washer he hates it. He hates when they get washed. Even though he has four other blankies that are just the same but different colors. When one gets washed, it's one that's not in his arms. If they are all in reach then he will be holding all of them at once. I had just put his blanket in the washer and he watched me do it.  I went down the hall to grab some more blankets and this is what I came back to.  He had climbed up on top of the laundry basket and grabbed the only piece of the blanket that hadn't been submerged into the water yet and held it against his face.

We had this book made for him on his First Birthday and I am sure it will be a favorite of his and ours for years to come. It fits him perfectly.

He Loves to jump as you can see

Aiden baby now weighs 26.5 pounds.....He has added even more words to  his vocabulary such as more, pizza, play, spray (for spray bottles), plane, ice cream, drink, pickle...He loves cheese....He has just barely started watching TV....He LOVES big brother and has to do everything he is doing...He loves the doggies...He loves hanging out with daddy when he gets home from work and he still loves cuddling with mommy. In just a few months my baby will be two and I am cherishing every moment I have with this little guy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sledding in Utah

The day after Christmas we decided to take the kids sledding. Aiden had never really been out in the snow but the rest of the kids were totally thrilled to go. We had a great time. Although it was FREEZING.....Us Las Vegans can't handle the freezing temperatures....Well, actually being from Utah I can. It just takes a little while to get used to. We bundled up and off to the hills we went.

Aiden, Myself, and Trey

Trey taking a turn sledding down the hill

I had to post this picture I took of my niece Addi. I love it so much. You can just see the exuberance in her face. She is having so much fun.

Aiden, Me, and my sister Tiff (of course she is about to close her eyes once again...This girl can't keep her eyes open for any pictures.) I still love ya though Tiff:)

My Angel Love Muffin all bundled up...He just could not decide if he liked the snow or not.

Aiden and Grandpa Sylvester

Aiden and Grandma Sylvester

Mommy and Aiden at Grandma and Grandpa's house

I decided to take Aiden down the hill and he did not like it. He cried at the end. It's strange that he cried because he is such a dare devil any other time. I mean I'm talking about jumping off the top of the couch onto the ground, hanging like a monkey on our treadmill bar, and so on and so forth. Probably because it was something new and strange. I'm not sure. Maybe next year will be a different story.

Trey was absolutely LOVING it....You can see that in his face.

I got pictures of every single one of my nieces and nephews sledding down the hill. There were way too many pictures to post so I had to stop somewhere. I hope you enjoyed our snowy adventure. I had a lot of fun and I KNOW the kiddos did.

New Blog, New Year

How do you like my new blog? I LOVE it...Thanks to my friend Lara over at Designer Blogs. She did an awesome job and I am so happy with my new blog makeover. If any of you would like to freshen up your blog then head on over to

Thanks again Lara!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trey's D.A.R.E Graduation

Trey and his 5th grade classmates had their D.A.R.E Graduation a couple of days ago. It was so fun to go and watch. They sang the most "catchy tune" and it was super cute. In fact....I am still singing the song in my head. It's actually getting to the point of annoying now because I can't stop singing it. I go to bed singing, D I wont do drugs, A I wont have an attitude, R I will respect myself, E I will educate me.....LOL....I took my flip video and recorded it but the video is too long and it was taking FOREVER to upload it on my blog. So when we got home I took a few pics of Trey in his D.A.R.E shirt and little Aiden right by his side. Man, he loves his big brother. He has to do exactly everything Trey is doing. It's so funny. Trey can't even go to the bathroom without Aiden crying at the door. "Trey, Trey, Trey."

My cute boys

Aiden is always trying to steal a hug from the dogs. Here he is going in for the hug
And he got it with a little hesitation...He absolutely loves the doggies.

 My sweet baby "cheesing" for the camera

And he can't pose for mommy without a little charm involved

Kisses from Tuffy

Kisses from Brother....I LOVE this

And can't forget kisses from Sophie.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

This New Years Eve my parents were able to spend it with us here in Vegas. We had fun...We laughed...We played games...we watched movies...we shopped. I am so glad we got to spend so much time with them this holiday season. Love you guys!

Here we are at Applebees having some dinner and a drink.

Me and my boys
Just taking a little sip

Trey let grandma wear his camo snuggie when she got cold

One of Aiden's favorite things to do is hang like a monkey on my treadmill..He is one strong boy.

Grandpa and Aiden

Mom, Aiden, Me, and Tuffy

Happy 2011.....May the New Year bring you lots of happiness!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was a lot of fun. We decided to spend Christmas up at my parents house in Utah. We loaded up our MDX and off we went with loads of presents. The kids got spoiled, the grandkids got spoiled, and best of all we got to spend quality time with family.

This year was a total surprise for all the Grandkids and us. They were able to keep it a surprise from all of us until Christmas day. My Dad made them all wooden lockers and my Mom personalized them all and made their pajamas too. My Dad does such an AMAZING job on all his wood work. He has made us all several items and I absolutely LOVE when he does. We appreciate so much all of the time they put in to everything they make. They are perfect and the kids love them. Thank you sooooo much.
Christmas morning Aiden didn't know what to think. Just another day with lots of presents.

He got loads of stuff...He got a wagon full of blocks...

Tickle Me Elmo from Auntie Tiff Y., a cash register from Auntie Kristal, and a different cash register from us and some fake money...He LOVES money. He says "money, money" everytime he sees any coins or dollar bills. He also got some Tonka Chuck stuff from Cousin Addi and a cute toy broom that talks and plays music.
Santa spoiled him with this cute Power Wheel four wheeler in which he has a blast riding.

Aiden also got a Boogie Bus...loads of stuff in his stocking...a walking dog which he calls "tu tu"...(he carries it around everywhere. It's so cute)...Books, Little People Animal Farm,and a stick horse. He calls all horses "moo's" Anything out in a field is a Moo. He's so cute.

Daddy helping Aiden unwrap some presents at our family party. He had just waken up and didn't know what to think.

Trey got spoiled as well....He got a Nintendo DS XL from Jason's parents and family.

A new XBOX 360 from me and Jason, a router for XBOX Live, and some more games. Santa gave him a stocking full of all kinds of goodies. He gave him a year's worth of XBOX Live and the Call of Duty game that he wanted sooooo much. He got a couple hundred dollars from his Dad's side which is going straight into his college fund, gift cards, and a remote control car. 

Here's a picture of all the Grandkids wearing their super cute jammies grandma made.

The girls.....Mckinlee....Addi....Maci Bo

The boys....Tanner....Britton....Trey....Aiden.....Braxon
Aiden would not put down the piece of jerky...LOL...He loves it.

Aiden stayed up late helping Grandpa put the finishing touches on the lockers on Christmas Eve. He loves all tools and know exactly what they are used for.

Aiden loves to walk in Grandpa boots every time we go up to their house

Randi, Mom, Tiff and Me

And last but not least the Famous Cheesecake from Juniors in NYC. It's a tradition we have started thanks to Jason. He always had this around the holidays when he lived in Jersey. So when we aren't spending the holidays with his family in Jersey then we always have one shipped from New York. It's worth all $50 of it. Seriously, it's soooooo delicious.

We had a great Christmas with loved ones and I hope all of you did too.

P.S.  A big thank you to my hubby for giving me a new lens for my camera that I so desperately wanted. I LOVE all my boys SOOOOOO much. Seriously, words cannot describe how much:)