Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trey's D.A.R.E Graduation

Trey and his 5th grade classmates had their D.A.R.E Graduation a couple of days ago. It was so fun to go and watch. They sang the most "catchy tune" and it was super cute. In fact....I am still singing the song in my head. It's actually getting to the point of annoying now because I can't stop singing it. I go to bed singing, D I wont do drugs, A I wont have an attitude, R I will respect myself, E I will educate me.....LOL....I took my flip video and recorded it but the video is too long and it was taking FOREVER to upload it on my blog. So when we got home I took a few pics of Trey in his D.A.R.E shirt and little Aiden right by his side. Man, he loves his big brother. He has to do exactly everything Trey is doing. It's so funny. Trey can't even go to the bathroom without Aiden crying at the door. "Trey, Trey, Trey."

My cute boys

Aiden is always trying to steal a hug from the dogs. Here he is going in for the hug
And he got it with a little hesitation...He absolutely loves the doggies.

 My sweet baby "cheesing" for the camera

And he can't pose for mommy without a little charm involved

Kisses from Tuffy

Kisses from Brother....I LOVE this

And can't forget kisses from Sophie.


Kati said...

Those are some really cute pics of your boys. I especially love the one of Aiden out ladies!!

Bobbi said...

yes Shauni I agree with Kati! What some cute pics!!!! Super cute smiles and that wink. oh my gosh!!