Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hear Yee Hear Yee

Prince Aiden is ONE!!! Can you believe it? My baby turned one on April 18th. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had him. We had a fun party for him at the park in Henderson on Saturday. We had yummy sandwiches from Jersey Mikes, watched Aiden "kind of" dig into his giant first birthday cupcake, (He seemed to like the chocolate covered oreos better than the cake), and watched the birthday boy unwrap his presents. It was great spending time with our families and friends. We were so excited that our families were able to come and spend Aidens special day with us. Our little Aiden baby is one spoiled little guy and very much LOVED by all. Below is Aiden's very first Birthday invitation designed by me. I thought it turned out super cute. The theme this year was "Little Prince"

Our Little Birthday Prince

I had a banner made that I hung up at the park and it turned out great. I made a giant cupcake for Aiden to dig in and regular cupcakes for everyone else. I also made some super cute thank you favors. It was a lot of work to put together his first party but well worth it.

Trey, Mommy, Aiden, and Daddy unwrapping his presents. He had the cutest little shirt on which I never got a good picture of before he got all dirty. You can kind of see it in this picture. It was a little prince shirt that matched his balloons perfectly. Hopefully someone else got a better pic of it and will send it to me.

Here he is digging in his first birthday cupcake

Aiden and Big Brother

What a Happy Little guy

Here he is on Sunday, his real Birthday, sharing his cupcake with mommy...As you can see I wasn't ready for a cupcake in my face...I should have known he would do that. He loves to share.

Aiden blowing out his first candle

Mommy, Aiden, and Daddy

Mommy, Aiden, Grandma S., Aunt Tiff, Aunt Kristal, Grandma Y, Aunt Tiff, and Maci Bo

Grandpa S, Uncle Doug, Daddy, Grandpa Y, Tanner, Britton, Trey, and Aiden

Cousins....Maci Bo, Britton, Tanner, Aiden, Trey

Aiden loves his blanket soooo much and I found the perfect book and had it personalized called "Aiden's Blanket Full of Love" I thought that this would be perfect to add to his collection. I also had a scroll made up of the events that happened on his birthday and the year he was born. (Sorry about the lighting...As you can tell they weren't taken with my Nikon)
And last but definitely not least, take a look at this AWESOME toy box my dad made for Aiden. I had talked with him a little about having him make one for Aiden and I knew he was super busy so nothing else was really said. Then he totally surprised me with this beautiful toy box. He does such an awesome job and he even had my moms help. They are super talented. Thank you so much. I always love getting furniture built by them. It means so much. Aiden loved it and was on top of it dancing. He is so funny.

Thank you to everyone for all the gifts and to our families for traveling to Vegas to help us celebrate. It means so much to us.  It was great seeing our families and spending time with them. Can't wait till next time:) Happy First Birthday my little Angel Love Muffin. I cannot believe you are one already. Love you Always and Forever.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Official

My Aiden Baby is ONE!!! I can't believe it. He is growing up way too fast. I could not imagine my life without him. He has brought so much happiness into our lives. His personality is adorable and he is absolutely gorgeous:) Happy First Birthday my sweet angel. We LOVE you SOOOOO much!

Here are his stats:
Weight: 22 pounds 12 ounces (50th %)
Height: 31 inches (86th %)
Head: 18.75 inches (83rd%)
So as you can see my baby has slowed down on gaining weight. He is soooo super busy that he is walking, running, and climbing off his chubbiness. He used to be in the 90th percentile on his weight and now he is right in the middle. As far as his height goes, he is actually quite tall for his age. And as for the head, well let's just say he's got a big brain:) LOL Hopefully he's got his daddy's smarts:)
Aiden loves to dance...Whenever any kind of music comes on he looks like he is doing the hula. He dances with his hands and stomps his feet. (the cutest thing ever) He is constantly doing things that amaze us and is learning way too much from the doggy's. LOL He is such a little sweetheart and always has cuddles for mommy. He runs to daddy when he gets home from work and is always in the mood to play with big brother. Love you sooooo much little boogie. Birthday pics are coming I promise.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Boy is Awesome

So this past weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday Trey had his second baseball game. I was so excited because my mom and dad, Jason's parents, and his sisters were able to come and watch him. He is such an awesome pitcher. I am sooooo proud of him. I have to admit I was a little (ok a lot) nervous the first time he took the mound. (thats a mom thing right?) He is a natural I must say.  Great Job Trey! Go Thunder!!!

Look at his form:)

All of us watching the game:)
Trey, Grandpa and Grandma

Trey loves spending time with them

Elaine and Trey giving a high five after an awesome inning:)

I am such a proud momma of my two boys. I absolutely love watching them excel and grow.

Learning too much...

from our dogs! Aiden is hilarious. We were all laughing so hard when we caught him doing this. We were letting our dog lick the cheese off the bottom of the pizza box and before we knew it Aiden was face down trying it out. He is the most curious little guy and he makes us laugh every single day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

On My Birthday My Baby Turned 11 Months Old

WoW!!! I cannot believe my Aiden Baby is almost ONE.  On March 18th, I turned 28 and my little babe turned 11 months old. He is such a little cuddle muffin sweetheart and is STILL a mommy's boy in which I STILL love:) Although now that he is soooooo busy he is a little more willing to go to others. He even let the lady at the convenient store hold him. Yes, I know that's a little crazy but she is a super nice Hawaiian lady and I see her like every day (for my diet pepsi fix) so they all know Aiden by name. Aiden reminds her of her grandson that lives in Hawaii that she doesn't get to see much so she loves it when we come in. 

Aiden has now conquered going down the stairs all by himself.  He has climbed up them for months now but never would go down. Thank goodness he has learned to finally do it safely. He has tumbled down them a few times. He is STILL going out the doggy door (way too many times a day) I feel like that's all I do during the day is chase him outside. He LOVES it. He goes outside and starts sweeping with the broom thats out there. What a silly little guy. The strangest things amuse him. He would rather play with a mop and broom than any toy. I love his curiosity.

We have been playing at the park quite a bit and he loves it. He always finds a pine cone wherever we go. Look at his cute chubby legs. I have had an extremely hard time finding shoes that fit him. His feet are so thick. I found a great line of shoes though at a baby boutique. They are a little pricey but fit him perfectly.
Look at how deep in thought he is...I love it
Trey has been on track break for three weeks so he has been able to hang out with us during the day. He loves spending time with his brother and Aiden loves it just as much. He is always so happy playing with Trey. They definitely have a special bond.
I caught this special moment just in time.  I just LOVE my boys so much.

Me and My Sweet Boys on my Birthday. I had a great day. My hubby surprised me and came home early from work which was nice. We went out to PF Changs and came home and ate this wonderfully yummy red velvet bundt cake. Sooooo good!
More park pics. I love that there are so many parks down here to choose from.
Yes he is a "mama's boy
I just need to tell my hubby thanks again for letting me be able to stay home with the boys. You are such a hard worker and I appreciate everything you do for us. I just love all my boys so much and am so grateful that I get to spend every moment with them.