Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Part 2 of Day 4 in Atlantic City

Me and my handsome boys at the beach       
Daddy and his handsome boys
Mommy helping Aiden dig in the sand

 Trey was just about sick of pictures at this point...Can you tell?   LOL

 Aiden running from the waves...He loved it.

 I LOVE this picture...He is running on the beach and is as happy as can be.

 And he just found out how much fun it was to throw sand.

 Still throwing the sand around

 He loved it so much

 Later that night we went out to dinner with Jason's friend Christian who lives close to A.C. His parents were also in town visiting so we were all able to have a nice dinner together.

 And while the adults gambled a little bit, this is what me and the boys were doing...LOL
Jumping on the beds
 Playing video games

 And more jumping...Sorry a little blurry but that's what you get from a point and shoot:)
Another great day in Atlantic City!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Atlantic City ~ Part 1 of Day 4

Beach Day!!!! The kids loved every minute of it!!! We actually went to the beach twice in the same day. I took so many pictures that I have to post several parts of the day in different posts. We stayed at Caesars which was right off the boardwalk and the beach so we were able to walk down there whenever we wanted. We had a great day!!!

My Aiden baby

My Trey

Trey absolutely LOVES the ocean

My three boys

Aiden LOVED playing in the sand...That's all he wanted to do

My boys playing in the sand together....I love them so much!!!

Aiden getting ready to smash his masterpiece

Mommy and Aiden

It was so humid that my camera lens kept fogging up

Great Day in Atlantic City