Saturday, May 28, 2011

Atlantic City ~ Day 3 in Jersey

And we are off to Atlantic City...Jason decided that we would take the kids to Atlantic City since neither of them had been to the Atlantic Ocean before. 
It was a little cold when we arrived but that didn't stop the kids from wanting to go put their feet in the ocean.We stayed at Caesars Palace which was right off the boardwalk and the beach. 
We had a great time even though it could have been a little warmer.

Getting ready to leave for A.C.
The kids checking out the ocean...Trey went right in and Aiden baby ran from the waves. He was a little nervous at first but then he got used to them.
Awww....My sweet boys..I LOVE them so much!

Here we are at the Borgata meeting Jason's sister.

Me and my boys...That water was sooooo cold. Aiden still wasn't quite used to the waves.
See his little feet wrapped around me tight.

Us with Joel, Tiff, and Jason's Dad on the Boardwalk

Aiden is in the middle of one of his many meltdowns...LOL...I'm not even sure what it was about.
You gotta love terrible two's:)

Now he's better....Taking in the view from Daddy's shoulders

In the hotel getting ready to head to the Boardwalk again...Aiden loves to take pictures so here he is taking a picture of me...I had to bend down to his level so he could get me...Pretty good photographer don't ya think? He LOVES my camera's and this one he could actually hold since it was just our point and shoot. He's so cute and say's "cheese" when he takes pictures.

Mommy and Aiden

Trey and Mom

Here's a pic of the boys at the Korean War Memorial right off the Boardwalk
Trey trying to fit his head in the helmet...Just a little too big.
And we were officially all tuckered out...Aiden actually fell asleep eating his donut...He had been running all over the place and then hopped in his stroller with his donut and he was out just like that. We didn't even have time to get his blankie out from under him.
It was a long day and a lot of traveling for the little guy.

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Bobbi said...

That looks like so much fun Shauni!!! What a fun place to visit! It's hard to take a two year old anywhere but look at how cute he is!!!