Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Jersey ~ Day 1 & 2

We were heading to one of Jason's friends wedding this past weekend so we decided to make a little vacation out of it as well. We had a lot of fun but it was a lot of traveling for a little two year old. We survived though:) I was a little worried about the flight with Aiden because he has been a little "terrible two year old" since he literally turned two. He is so busy and doesn't like being confined but it worked out even though he only slept for about an hour on the four hour and 45 minute flight. Once he woke up he was all over the place. Back and forth through our aisle. I was a little stressed and there sat Jason calm as can be...LOL...I wish he could give me just a little bit of his patience:)

Oh but look how peaceful and cute my little Aiden baby is.
Me and Trey on the plane

The boys absolutely love running around Grandma and Grandpa's house. We are usually there in the winter so it was really nice to see the beautiful scenery. 
Aiden couldn't get enough of the riding lawn mower. Grandpa was getting the old bikes out of the garage for Trey and Aiden was waiting patiently for a ride on the vroom vroom.

Look at this awesome bike! I LOVE it....Jason had it when he was like three years old.

Aiden baby needs to grow a little bit more before he can ride it...It didn't stop him from pushing off with his feet though and heading down the hill

This is Jason's other bike he had when he was a bit older.

And Aiden finally got his vroom vroom ride with Grandpa....He rode with him for over an hour mowing their big lawn. He LOVED it.

Trey could not get enough of this bike. They don't make bikes like they used too.
 He loved skidding. It seems like most bikes these days have the brakes on the front instead. He loved having the brakes on the pedals.

I had to take another picture of this cute bike....It's a mini banana seat bike. It's so cute!

Still mowing the lawn.

Even Trey got to take Aiden for a few rides...He couldn't get enough.

Trey's first Lobster Dinner....He even helped put the live lobster in the boiling water.

Later that night we headed off to the wedding and Jason's parents took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.
 It was a beautiful wedding right off the lake and we had a great time.

 Jason loves being able to see his friends again and we always have a great time.

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