Monday, May 30, 2011

Atlantic City ~ Part 1 of Day 4

Beach Day!!!! The kids loved every minute of it!!! We actually went to the beach twice in the same day. I took so many pictures that I have to post several parts of the day in different posts. We stayed at Caesars which was right off the boardwalk and the beach so we were able to walk down there whenever we wanted. We had a great day!!!

My Aiden baby

My Trey

Trey absolutely LOVES the ocean

My three boys

Aiden LOVED playing in the sand...That's all he wanted to do

My boys playing in the sand together....I love them so much!!!

Aiden getting ready to smash his masterpiece

Mommy and Aiden

It was so humid that my camera lens kept fogging up

Great Day in Atlantic City

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of Trey. He is a gorgeous boy and I especially love the pictures of him shirtless. He looks great without a shirt. I downloaded the super hi res shots and have my favorites displayed life size in a 32" digital picture frame in my room. Having life size pictures of such a beautiful good looking boy in my room is wonderful. That gorgeous creature you call Trey is always on standby for me to look at and admire and enjoy. When I woke up this morning the first thing I saw was the torso shot of Trey shirtless looking over his right shoulder. There he was life size and it looked like he was right in front of me. I leaned up next to him and ran my hand over his arm and shoulder. I was stroking his arm and shoulder and looking at his beautiful face. His expression in the picture is perfect! My hand made it's way around in front to his tummy and chest and I leaned forward and gave him some very sweet kisses on his upper arm and across his shoulder. I was really enjoying myself and thought this is a great way to wake up! I pressed my lips against his ear and said, "Trey you look beautiful this morning!" Then I began kissing his cheek and slowly worked my way around to his lips where I began kissing his lips and mouth. I enjoyed the closeness, his beauty and the intimacy very much. He is always there to provide me pleasure and a great way to wind down at the end of the day and to wake up in the morning.