Thursday, June 24, 2010

The culprit may be...

Aiden has came down with a case of Impetigo.  He had a rash on his chin for several days and I decided to take him in to the pediatrician because it wasn't going away. He got diagnosed with impetigo, a bacterial infection of the skin. I was concerned because I wondered where he got it from and after talking to the doctor she said all it takes is getting bacteria in a little cut on the skin and then it grows from there. He did have a little cut under his lip so I am pretty sure that's where it started. And it doesn't help that he has his blanket up to his mouth 99% of the time....Oh how my child loves his blankie just like linus. I think it's so cute. He constantly has his blankie right up to his mouth right where the impetigo is. It's hard to treat only because my little stink bug HATES medicine and LOVES blankie. He takes his blanket and rubs it into his chin making it take longer to heal. I feel so must itch like crazy and I can't take away his favorite lovey.

Day 1
Doesn't that look awful...poor guy..It kinda looks like chicken pox in a way. 

Day 2

Getting a little better I think....He's on antibiotics and an antibiotic cream...although it takes an army to get the medicine down him. Poor little man. He also has a little infection in his eye.

Angelina Jolie has nothing on him.....Look at these luscious lips....mmmmm so kissable

Remember when I said that Aiden Baby LOVES his blankie.....well, this picture below says it all. He loves it so much that he took it into the tub. It was sitting on the floor by the tubby and he reached out and dragged it in...

Ahh!...All better

Oh how I LOVE this child

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

On Fathers Day we headed to Sunset Station to go swimming with Kerri and Shane and their kids. We had a great time. The kids LOVED it and so did I. I am one happy soul if you put me by water. After all I am a pisces. I could lie there in the sun all day long:)  

Our Sweet Aiden Baby enjoying the water. What a little gorgeous babe he is.
Our handsome Trey...He also loves swimming...
p.s. check out his arm....The cast is gone...YAY!!!

I couldn't ask for anything more. Three handsome men in my life is all I need to make me happy.

I have to share this book with you in honor of Father's Day. I LOVE this author of children's books. Aiden already has several of the books and they are so cute. They have such great messages in only about 200 words. This book expresses the love and respect all children have for their dads. Enjoy!

My daddy and I have the greatest of times!
We color in books...We read nursery rhymes.
And nothing can top the games that we play
when we go out of doors on a warm, sunny day.
We like to find seashells tht lie in the sand.
We like to make music like a real marching band.
And always we're happy just being together-
No matter the season...No matter the weather.
We like to play catch with big, bouncy balls.
We like to paint pictures to hang on our walls.
And Daddy's the best at telling the tale
of Buster the Bigfoot or Wally the Whale.
We go to church that's just down the way.
We sing a few hymns...And quietly pray.
Or sometimes we'll visit a neighborhood friend
to make them feel better and help them to mend.
We like petting puppies. We like pedal cars.
We like sharing cares as we stare at the stars.
And just as the starlight brightens the sky...
We brighten each other, my daddy and I!
-P.K. Hallinan

To Jason- Thank you so much for being the best daddy to our little men and the best husband to me. I truly mean that. You are always there for us and sacrifice so much for our happiness.  You are such a hard worker and a great role model for our boys. We love you so much. Happy Father's Day to the greatest Men I know...You know who you are. I LOVE you! XOXO

Monday, June 14, 2010

What is it.....

...that's so scary about getting your very first haircut??? It could be the stranger coming at you with a huge pair of  sharp scissors, or the scary buzzing thing thats coming awfully close to cutting your ears off, or the fact of being claustrophobic because you can't see your hands from the cape that's wrapped around your neck.  No wonder it's such a  frightening experience.

Daddy was going to get his haircut so we decided to get Aidens first "real" haircut too. Let's just say it didn't go too well. Aiden wasn't about to sit on some strange chair while some strange lady came at him with scissors. So I sat down and put him in my lap thinking it would be all better. Boy was I wrong. I was going to take some pics of his first haircut but I found myself holding onto him instead of my camera. Let's just say if I had been able to take a picture it would have looked like this...
He cried the whole time so lets just say the lady got a nice tip. LOL  He looks like such a big boy now. I loved his long hair but daddy said he was growing a mullet so I gave in. Now my Aiden baby looks like this.

Isn't he just darling??? He looks so grown up now. I can't believe he is already almost 14 months old

Daddy and Aiden sporting their new haircuts. Aiden baby has this funny cheesy grin now everytime I take his picture. What a funny little guy. Oh how I LOVE my boys.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Fun

Thursday evening we headed up to Anthem to a Birthday party for one of Trey's friends. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. Trey said that was one of the best parties he had ever been to. I got some cute pics of the boys playing. Trey was all over the place running around with his buddies so I didn't get as many pics of him that I wanted to. He's at that age where he doesn't really care for pictures but he is a pretty good sport about it anyway. Enjoy!

Aiden chilling on the grass watching the boys play football.

Trey and Aiden playing on the splash pad at the park. How do you like my attempt to cover trey's cast? Looks pretty good right? LOL One more week and the cast is gone. Yahooooo:)

Yummy cupcakes

Trey had a blast playing football with all the guys. Great time, Great weather, Great fun

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i heart faces

This week over at i heart faces the photo challenge theme is "play." Since I had just posted this pic on my blog and loved it I thought it was the perfect photo to enter this week. This is my little Aiden Baby "playing" in the water outside. He loved every minute of it. Just look at those kissable lips.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunshine= Water=Happiness

Aiden LOVES playing in the water. He is such a silly little guy. I was filling up his baby pool and he came and took the hose from me. He got this little mischievous grin and was loving every minute with that hose. 

He then preceded to take it up to his face...I thought he wasn't going to like that but he thought it was the "coolest" thing. The feeling of the water on his face and the fact that he was the one that was doing it was so awesome to him. He loves learning new things.

I  just LOVED watching him. The curiosity on his face was priceless.

Look how happy my baby boy is. He could have played in that all day if I would have let him.

Sonshine of my life
You make me happy everyday....

Oh man...I just LOVE this little guy to pieces. Everyday there is always something new that he learns. I love watching him "master" these new things. He brings so much joy into our household.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alright...I admit it...

I am a twilight mom. I know what some of you are thinking. "Are you serious?" Yes indeed. I am a huge fan and I am super excited about the movie Eclipse coming out at the end of June. I LOVED the first one, almost LOVED the second one, and I just know I will LOVE this one and I cannot wait for the last movie to come out. I think it's going to be really interesting on how they film Breaking Dawn. So yes I am admitting I am a twilight mom and proud of it:)

And guess who else is???  

Aiden Baby....Mommy is on Team Edward and he is on Team Bella of course. He even has the vampire fangs to prove it. LOL I couldn't resist. Yesterday while Aiden was playing outside in the water he looked at me with this super cute smile and I snapped the picture. It's a perfect pic to show that he now has four teeth. And better yet just in time for the next installment of twilight. HaHa   I just LOVE him!!!

My blog almost forgot...

...about are doggies.I have decided that I have neglected my doggies long enough. They need some screen time too right? Although they are crazy, loud, and sometimes obnoxious they are still super cute. The boys absolutely love them. (and I guess we do to) LOL Here's a pic of both of them from the other day.