Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunshine= Water=Happiness

Aiden LOVES playing in the water. He is such a silly little guy. I was filling up his baby pool and he came and took the hose from me. He got this little mischievous grin and was loving every minute with that hose. 

He then preceded to take it up to his face...I thought he wasn't going to like that but he thought it was the "coolest" thing. The feeling of the water on his face and the fact that he was the one that was doing it was so awesome to him. He loves learning new things.

I  just LOVED watching him. The curiosity on his face was priceless.

Look how happy my baby boy is. He could have played in that all day if I would have let him.

Sonshine of my life
You make me happy everyday....

Oh man...I just LOVE this little guy to pieces. Everyday there is always something new that he learns. I love watching him "master" these new things. He brings so much joy into our household.


**Krista** said...

I love it! He looks like he is loving summer time and playing in the fun! They are at such a great age this summer :)

Tiffany Y said...

Those are some great shots! Aiden looks so cute playing in the water and he looks like he is having so much fun!

The Foisy's said...

He is so dang cute shauni!! His little fangs crack me up!! We need to get together! I'm throwing an Eclipse party so we're going to eat and then go see the movie! You need to come. I'll let you know for sure what date!

Brandi Jensen said...

Awww Shauni! He is absoultly adoarable!!! I cant believe how big he has got he looks like a liitle young man!! Your blog looks super cute too..

Bobbi said...

Those water pics are adorable! You sure do catch some really cool shots...Love, Love, Love EM!!!!!!