Thursday, June 24, 2010

The culprit may be...

Aiden has came down with a case of Impetigo.  He had a rash on his chin for several days and I decided to take him in to the pediatrician because it wasn't going away. He got diagnosed with impetigo, a bacterial infection of the skin. I was concerned because I wondered where he got it from and after talking to the doctor she said all it takes is getting bacteria in a little cut on the skin and then it grows from there. He did have a little cut under his lip so I am pretty sure that's where it started. And it doesn't help that he has his blanket up to his mouth 99% of the time....Oh how my child loves his blankie just like linus. I think it's so cute. He constantly has his blankie right up to his mouth right where the impetigo is. It's hard to treat only because my little stink bug HATES medicine and LOVES blankie. He takes his blanket and rubs it into his chin making it take longer to heal. I feel so must itch like crazy and I can't take away his favorite lovey.

Day 1
Doesn't that look awful...poor guy..It kinda looks like chicken pox in a way. 

Day 2

Getting a little better I think....He's on antibiotics and an antibiotic cream...although it takes an army to get the medicine down him. Poor little man. He also has a little infection in his eye.

Angelina Jolie has nothing on him.....Look at these luscious lips....mmmmm so kissable

Remember when I said that Aiden Baby LOVES his blankie.....well, this picture below says it all. He loves it so much that he took it into the tub. It was sitting on the floor by the tubby and he reached out and dragged it in...

Ahh!...All better

Oh how I LOVE this child


Bobbi said...

Ohhhhhh my sweet little baby..... Hope he's better soon... Boy! He really does love his blankie! Sooooo cute!

Tiffany said...

I cannot believe him! He is adorable, I just love him... Im glad hes feeling better!