Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

On Fathers Day we headed to Sunset Station to go swimming with Kerri and Shane and their kids. We had a great time. The kids LOVED it and so did I. I am one happy soul if you put me by water. After all I am a pisces. I could lie there in the sun all day long:)  

Our Sweet Aiden Baby enjoying the water. What a little gorgeous babe he is.
Our handsome Trey...He also loves swimming...
p.s. check out his arm....The cast is gone...YAY!!!

I couldn't ask for anything more. Three handsome men in my life is all I need to make me happy.

I have to share this book with you in honor of Father's Day. I LOVE this author of children's books. Aiden already has several of the books and they are so cute. They have such great messages in only about 200 words. This book expresses the love and respect all children have for their dads. Enjoy!

My daddy and I have the greatest of times!
We color in books...We read nursery rhymes.
And nothing can top the games that we play
when we go out of doors on a warm, sunny day.
We like to find seashells tht lie in the sand.
We like to make music like a real marching band.
And always we're happy just being together-
No matter the season...No matter the weather.
We like to play catch with big, bouncy balls.
We like to paint pictures to hang on our walls.
And Daddy's the best at telling the tale
of Buster the Bigfoot or Wally the Whale.
We go to church that's just down the way.
We sing a few hymns...And quietly pray.
Or sometimes we'll visit a neighborhood friend
to make them feel better and help them to mend.
We like petting puppies. We like pedal cars.
We like sharing cares as we stare at the stars.
And just as the starlight brightens the sky...
We brighten each other, my daddy and I!
-P.K. Hallinan

To Jason- Thank you so much for being the best daddy to our little men and the best husband to me. I truly mean that. You are always there for us and sacrifice so much for our happiness.  You are such a hard worker and a great role model for our boys. We love you so much. Happy Father's Day to the greatest Men I know...You know who you are. I LOVE you! XOXO

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Bobbi said...

Love the pics, Love the poem, Love all the men in your life and Love that you got to spend Fathers Day with some family!!!!!