Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Puppy Love

Dear Tuffy,

Although I chase you around the house, grab your legs, and pet you a little too hard I know you still LOVE me even when you give me that irritated growl.

Love, Aiden

I just love this picture. I had just changed Aiden's diaper and started folding clothes. Aiden has started taking his diapers off by himself so if i don't put shorts on him right away his diaper comes off. A few minutes later I walked down the hall and this is what I saw. I immediately grabbed my camera and quietly walked back in to snap this picture of my little love. He loves the dogs and I think this picture shows that.


Bobbi said...

ohhh my heck that is soooo cute.... I"m just sitting here with a big grin! How adorable is that..... Love all the moments you capture and share, it ALMOST makes me feel like I"m there with you guys!!!

**Krista** said...

Oh my heck, how cute is that! Love it!

Shauni Kaye said...

Isn't that cute? They love looking out the window in Trey's room. They were both observing it all.