Wednesday, July 14, 2010

McKee Ranch Playdate

(We had fun at the ranch....can you tell?)

We headed over to Mckee Ranch this morning and met up with our mom group. It was a lot of fun. The boys liked it a lot. We went at 8:30 and stayed for a few hours.  There were horses, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs and bunnies. The animals were very friendly and we fed them lots of carrots and crackers. We will definitely go again. We had a great time.

Trey showing Aiden the horse

I was a little worried about the horns...but they were super friendly

Aiden and one of his new little friends. Isn't she cute? Can you tell she if half Chinese just like my little guy?

My sweet boys taking a ride on the wooden horses

Aiden wasn't scared at all to feed the goats. Big brother taught him how to do it:)

Aiden found a rope on the ground and thought he could take the lamb on a walk. LOL He was trying to find his collar to hook it too. Sooooo cute.

Do you want a carrot? "Yes mommy I am sharing with a girl"

It was soooo funny. When we first got there, the goats came running over to greet us. And I guess they wanted our crackers too:)

Mommy and Aiden Baby looking at the horse

The owner came out after awhile and asked Trey if he wanted to help feed the horses. He gladly accepted.

Do you think this horse needs a toothbrush or what? LOL

Aiden and his friend Lincoln right before we were leaving. They both look pretty dang tired. Time for a nap....It took all their energy that early in the morning. What some cute boys. We had a ton of fun.


Tiffany said...

Omg! Seriously those are so stinken cute! Cute boys.. looks like lots of fun~

Tiffany Y said...

awww so fun! i remember i used to be so scared of those goats when they came to get food. what brave boys!

**Krista** said...

I LOVE the picture overload, what some cute boys you have! You got some great pictures. I love the ones on the wooden horses. Aiden is adorable!