Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Boy

Aiden is my little super boy...It amazes me how strong he is. He is always hanging on things. It started with him hanging on my treadmill bar as soon as he was tall enough to reach the handle. Soon after that he found a pole in my garage that I use to hang Christmas lights with. He brought it into the house and gave it to Daddy to lift it up so he could hang on it. He is so funny. He never lets go either. Look at the smile on his face. He loves it. I get a little nervous though. I don't want him to hurt his arms so we don't let him hang for long although he would.

Me and my boys lounging on the couch watching the football game

Look at his cute boy. He LOVES his rain boots. He wears them everywhere. He has to choose his shoes for the day and 99 percent of the time it's these boots.

I had to throw this pic in. Go Steelers:)

He loves shoes...He walks around in everything from my high heels to daddy's shoes.

He's got his boots...He's got his blankie...What more could you ask for?


Kati said...

Aren't little boys so much fun? I just love mine when they're not being little turds!

BTW, I just have to laugh at your treadmill pic with the shirt hanging on it...mine looks the same way right now. Just thought that was funny!

Shauni Kaye said...

Kati...My poor poor treadmill...That's all the use that thing gets. It's a catch all for everything. I get so tired of hanging up jackets so that's where they go...Pretty stylin huh? Mine is on the left and Jason's pharmacy coat is hanging on the right. It's our new closet...LOL

**Krista** said...

What a strong little boy. He is getting so big and is so cute! So, I have to ask...are you potty training or does he just love his diaper off? I noticed his cute little bum in the one pic. LOL. I cannot believe that our "babies" are about to be 2 very soon. Its so sad :( Can't wait to see you guys again!