Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aiden's 21 Months Old

How did this happen? My baby is inching closer and closer to turning TWO. He is now only three months away. I can not even begin to tell you how much joy this sweet baby has brought us. He is seriously the best. His laugh, his voice, his smile, his dimples, his hugs, his kisses, his sweet disposition..... I could go on and on. This boy means the world to us.

He still LOVES his blankie...And cannot go anywhere without it.

In fact, when I put his blankie in the washer he hates it. He hates when they get washed. Even though he has four other blankies that are just the same but different colors. When one gets washed, it's one that's not in his arms. If they are all in reach then he will be holding all of them at once. I had just put his blanket in the washer and he watched me do it.  I went down the hall to grab some more blankets and this is what I came back to.  He had climbed up on top of the laundry basket and grabbed the only piece of the blanket that hadn't been submerged into the water yet and held it against his face.

We had this book made for him on his First Birthday and I am sure it will be a favorite of his and ours for years to come. It fits him perfectly.

He Loves to jump as you can see

Aiden baby now weighs 26.5 pounds.....He has added even more words to  his vocabulary such as more, pizza, play, spray (for spray bottles), plane, ice cream, drink, pickle...He loves cheese....He has just barely started watching TV....He LOVES big brother and has to do everything he is doing...He loves the doggies...He loves hanging out with daddy when he gets home from work and he still loves cuddling with mommy. In just a few months my baby will be two and I am cherishing every moment I have with this little guy.

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Bobbi said...

Aiden is such a little cute heart! Love how he's so attatched to his blankie!!!!!Love that boy!