Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th Of July

We had a lot of fun on the 4th of July this year...We went up to Utah for ten days and had a blast spending time with family and friends...The morning of the fourth we took the kids and went to the parade over in Richfield...Afterwards we headed to the park for the festivities...After walking through the crowded park for 20 minutes we decided to head back to Salina...But not before we won some little frogs at the frog booth:)Once we got back to Salina we headed up to my Grandpas for a BBQ with all my mom's side of the family. We visited and had lunch and then off we went to the Salina parade...The weather was perfect this year...There were a few raindrops throughout the day which made it nice...

Aiden already opening some candy from the parade

Aiden asking Trey for a bite of his otter pop

Aiden asking my cousin Jade for a little help with his candy

Aiden and Jade

The fire trucks were a little loud

My cute little nieces

My sweet baby wondering what this parade was all about

Me and my Sis
My brother helping the kids with their fireworks

Aiden was LOVING this whole experience with a sparkler

Trey was out letting all the fireworks off so I never did get a pic of him and his cousins

My niece trying to make a heart for me
More sparkler fun

After the parade me and my brother and sister decided to take our kids to the Rodeo this year...I am super bummed I din't take my camera there:( Those of you that are not from a small town in Utah would have loved seeing what it's all about...We got our kids, some blankets, drinks and treats and headed up the rocky hillside to get a place on the side of the mountain...Oh I so wish Jason would have been able to come with us this year...My friends and their kids joined us on the hillside as well and we visited until the rodeo was over with...Once the rodeo was over with it was time for the firemen to let off the fireworks right above us all...It was a lot of fun taking the kids to experience that...Aiden didn't know what to think of the fireworks...They were loud and he still managed to fall asleep through half of them..We had a long fun day:)

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