Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ok..So I just realized...

.... I forgot to post Easter pics...I am only a few months behind on that....LOL..With the 4th of July coming up around the corner I thought I better catch up on a few blog posts starting with Easter. We had a lot of fun. Easter was on the weekend that we had Aiden's birthday party on. All of my family came down and Jason's parents were here as well. We colored eggs at my house, did a little easter egg hunt, and went swimming at Sunset Station where my parents were staying. It was a perfect weekend spent with our families.

Aiden loves copying everything big brother does.

The boys got a hat, some clothes, candy, etc.

Trey was helping Aiden find some eggs around the house

He wasn't sure what was going on...He had just woken up and was a little sleepy.

Tanner, Maci, Trey and Britton coloring eggs

Me and my handome young man

Aiden taking a break from swimming sitting by Grandpa

Tiff, Me, and Mom

Aiden thinks he needs to be naked when he swims so he strips down.

Still having tons of fun with brother

I love my boys to pieces

Tiff, Mom and Me

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