Sunday, August 1, 2010


Awww....The cooler weather in the mountains of Utah...Oh how I miss you so. The boys and I spent 10 days up in Salina with my parents. It was definitely much needed. We don't get to spend that much time together so it was the perfect time to go. The first day we got there I headed to my 10 year class reunion. All fifteen of us showed up:) LOL It was a good time and it was nice seeing those who came. The next day we headed up to Fishlake. We had lunch up there and the mountain air was just fabulous. We had a great time.

Aiden was LOVING the water...He wanted to jump right in this little creek.

Grandma, Trey, and Grandpa

My cute little boys (Man I am one lucky momma)

Grandpa, Me, Aiden, and Trey


Just loving the mountain ride

So Trey and I were getting on the four wheeler while Grandpa, Aiden & Grandma were going to ride behind us in the truck. Aiden was not going to let that happen without him. LOL So needless to say I didn't get to ride the four wheeler until Aiders fell asleep. So we put him on to get a picture with us and he did NOT want to get off. He had been LOVING the little rides I had been giving him at my parents house but we didn't have two helmets for the mountains so only one at a time could go.

Grandpa drove Trey, Trey drove Grandpa, Trey drove me, I drove Trey and on and on and on down the mountain we went...We had a great time.

My cute parents

And we couldn't get through the trip without Aiden walking in papas boots...I remember when Trey was this age and he used to do this. Soooooo cute.

Here we are the 24th of July parade in Mayfield.  Aiden is enjoying a sucker while watching the parade. They threw more candy here than the Richfield and Salina parade combined.

What a sweet little angel. I took him on a four wheeler ride and the cutie pie was so relaxed that he fell asleep. Look how big the helmet is on him. He wouldn't take NO for an answer so we buckled it on and off we went. He was LOVING it soooo much.

He absolutely LOVED roaming through my parents yard

And this is where I found him one morning. He climbed into the sink all by himself. My little monkey.

We had a fantastic time at Grandma and Grandpas house. Thanks mom and dad for having us for that long. It was great spending quality time with you guys. Oh how I miss having coffee with you in the cool morning on your deck and watching Aiden roam around your yard. XOXO


Bobbi said...

Ohhh Shauni, we all had such a good time. So glad you got to come and stay as long as you did.... It was so much fun getting to know Aiden better.....His sweet kisses amd is sweet little voice is enough to melt these grandfolks!!!!I loved just getting to to talk to you every day and yes LOVE the coffee on the deck in the morning!! Thanks for coming down!

**Krista** said...

I am glad you had such a good time visiting your family. It looks like you had a really fun time and the kids look like they loved it too. You got some cute pictures. I was sad we didn't get together again while you were here, but I didn't want to risk getting little Aiden sick from Rylee.