Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aiden Baby's 16 Month Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 16 months old already. Where does the time go? He is such a sweet little soul and we all LOVE him so much. Here's just a few pics I snapped of him on his 16 month old birthday:)

What does my baby do at 16 Months Old?
~He's still a momma's boy and loves to cuddle
~ He's still my little linus with his blankie
~ He talks a lot and repeats words
~ He holds up everything to his ear like a telephone and says Hello
~He dances any time he hears any sort of beat
~ He has six teeth and is getting two more bottom ones right now
~ He is so smart, curious, and energetic
~ The ladies love him (how can they not)
~ He loves to eat anything with noodles
~ He LOVES to run
~ He tells everyone bye bye when we leave somewhere
~ He climbs on everything and is such a strong boy
~ He loves to look out the window with the doggies
~ (His stats will go here next week when I take him to the pediatrician)

Aiden....You are my angel love muffin...the apple of my eye...we all LOVE you so much and we love watching all the new things you accomplish each and every day.

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