Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Two ~ Sea World check...Aiden's blanket-triple check...On day two we decided to head to Sea World. We knew it was going to be a long day and we were ready for it. I have never been before so I was just as excited as the kids. And I couldn't help but be excited that I needed a jacket when we first got there:) Aw, the San Diego weather.

Mckinlee, Trey, Penguin, Jason, Aiden, and mommy at the start of our Sea World day

 We had to stop and get a picture of the Shamu car on our way in

One of the first things we did was let the kids hit the rapids ride

We seen ducks
We fed ducks

We seen all kinds of sea creatures

My favorite part...The Shamu show...The older kids wanted to get wet so they sat in row 4 and we sat on the first row of the next section...I got some great pics. This is where the kids got soaked.

And this is what the kids looked like at the end of the show. LOL

And this is what Aiden baby did after the show...caught some much needed zzzzzzzzzz's

Jason took the kids on the Atlantis ride which was quote "the best ride ever"


This is the Sea Lion show...I seriously don't understand how they can train animals to do some of these things.

I mean look at this Sea Lion...Totally talented

And cute too:)

Aiden and Daddy watching Sea Lions Live

Back to the Atlantis ride we went...Aiden is waiting for the kids to splash down.

Cheese-ing with Daddy

Cuddling with mommy

Here they come...Mckinlee and Trey are in the front row.

My Aiden baby watching the birds and eating a churro

This was Aiden favorite part....He LOVED it so much. It was a little trampoline thing for little kids.  No kids over a certain height were allowed in which was perfect. He LOVES to jump so he tired himself right out.

I mean look at his cute can't tell he loved it can you?

At the end of day two

We had a blast at Sea World. It was definitely worth going to. We seen so many cool things. The shows that we went to were fantastic and the weather was perfect. And I must mention that Aiden was a super good boy. Oh and I almost forgot. Here are our drawings we got at Sea World. Mckinlee took hers home which she got drawn as a totally cute mermaid. Hope you enjoyed our Day Two pics:)


Daddy, Mommy, and Aiden

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Tiffany Y said...

looks like you guys had lots of fun! I love aiden baby's bear backpack! and i love his cheese smile! glad trey got to bring his cousin along; looks like they had a blast together!