Monday, August 16, 2010

Day One of our San Diego Vacation

What a blast we had on our summer vacation this year. Jason, Trey, Aiden, and myself headed off to San Diego and took our niece Mckinlee with us. I was super excited about the weather alone and it turned out to be an awesome vacation. On Wednesday we packed up and drove to California. We got there at about 1:00 pm. I was beyond thrilled to see where our hotel was going to be located. All I knew is that it was a block from the ocean and I couldn't wait to get there. Once we got there we unpacked the car and headed off to Old Town San Diego. We went to a Glass Blowing store in which we wanted to watch them do a demonstration but once we got there we found out they only do it certain days out of the month. They had some awesome things and we bought us a glass blowing souvenir. We ate, had ice cream, shopped, and looked around the Old Town. It was fun just walking around there.

 Jason and Trey welcoming us to Old Town San Diego

They had a little shop that made wax candles and the kids got to make one out of their hands.

Trey coloring his wax hand

Mckinlee getting her wax hand made

Aiden baby waiting patiently why the older kids are making their hands
(as long as my linus has his blankie it's okay)

Didn't these turn out cool?

Trey and Aiden....Aiden is giving his "say cheese" squishy face again

We had fun at Old Town...When we got back we went swimming and then later Jason walked to the beach with the older kids...It was dark so they was just going to take a stroll on the beach but of course they couldn't just look at the water...Trey walked back to the hotel soaking wet:) They had fun but now it was time for them to get showered and ready for bed to prepare for the first "full" day of our vacation. Day Two.

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**Krista** said...

It looks like "day one" was lots of fun. I can't wait to see the rest of your vacation pics. I am sure there are lots more fun days after this one. Your kids are adorable!