Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cierra Ashley

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to tell those of you who read my blog about my Cierra Ashley business. If any of you would like to do an open house or book party let me know. There are great incentives going on. For anyone who books and holds a party through May 31st, you will get a decorative fragrance fan combo for half price. Plus more half price items, free products, and more. There is also a great Fathers Day Special going on right now as well. Give the gift of a mini fragrance fan (great for closets too) and three cans of fragrance for $27.00. This special runs until June 18th. There is a great fragrance special for the month of may as well. buy three for $22.50 and get the flavor of the month Strawberry Shortcake for free. For those of you that live far away and haven't heard of cierra ashley fragrance I would love to introduce it to you through a book party. Give me a call, leave me a comment, or send me an email. I would love to hear from you.
Click on the link above to check out the awesome products:)


Bobbi said...
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Bobbi said...

I love my new fragrance "fig and melon".....but the strawberry shortcake sounds delightfully yummy! I can't believe how instantly these fans circulate the fragrance into the whole house... Great idea!