Thursday, May 27, 2010

Result....Fractured Wrist

And so it begins...I got a call from the school nurse last Thursday about an hour after I dropped Trey off telling me that Trey had hurt his wrist at recess. I was thinking to myself "Oh, he's fine...boys get hurt. It will feel better soon." The nurse told me that I should probably come and get him just to make sure. So I threw some clothes on (come on, it was only 10 am. I was sitting at my computer with my pj's on), got Aiden ready and headed to the school. Once I picked him up I could see that it was swollen and red but no bruise. He was in pain but wasn't crying or anything so I called my pediatrician to see if I could squeeze him in and off to the ped we go.

After waiting in the room for what seemed like an eternity with a wild and crazy one year old we then had to go over to Steinberg Diagnostics to get an x-ray on his hand/wrist. "Oh great, another waiting room." Once we got into the second waiting room at the diagnostics center Aiden was ALL over the place. He was grabbing the kleenex boxes and pulling all the tissues out. Once I hid all the kleenex boxes he decided that he would then just climb on the tables. When I pulled him off the table numerous times he then decided that he would just push the table down the hall. Oh my goodness, my Aiden baby is wild. Finally we got called back to get Trey's X-ray done. Once we were finished with that we had to wait again for the radiologist to make sure they didn't need more films. At that point I had put Aiden in his stroller and was taking laps around the place to keep him occupied. After about 15 more minutes we were told we could go. Now it was just a waiting game. That night at about 9:00 pm we got a call from our doc letting us know that Trey should not participate in field day and we need to get an appt. with the orthopedic doc ASAP. On Friday we headed to the orthopedic office and the x-ray results showed a fracture in his wrist. We were told he would need a cast for one month. Trey was actually kind of excited to get a cast on. (weird huh) He picked his color, got it on, and off we went right back to school. He wanted to go to field day soooo bad. So we got to the office, they taped a bag on his arm so his cast wouldn't get wet(they were having water fights) and he couldn't get out there fast enough. What a trooper. Boys will be boys. I am sure there will be more of these stories to come, but I am crossing my fingers that there won't be. All I can say is four waiting rooms in less than 24 hours is way too much with a one year old. LOL  Hope your arm heals up fast Trey. Love ya:)

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Brenna said...

That is one handsome boy with a broken arm. Hope it dosen't hurt to much.