Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a funny little guy

Aiden is so silly. He gets soooooo messy when he eats. He refuses to eat unless he can feed himself. I guess he just likes to have control on what is going in his mouth. He loves noodles of all kinds. His favorites are spaghetti and chow mein. Look how messy this sweet baby is. And I must mention that he hates bibs too. He rips them off as soon as they go on. Thank goodness for Tide:)

And as you can see, he is still learning from the dogs...LOL He thinks "why do I have to eat with my hands when I can just use my mouth like the doggies."
Isn't this hilarious...He is licking the sauce or rather dipping his face in it
Did I mention that my Aiden baby LOVES spending time outdoors. Here he is clapping. He's so excited to be outside.

Daddy pushing  Aiden on his mickey mouse ride on toy

And Trey is just thrilled to have his picture taken....He asked me "mom, why do you always have to take pictures?" Memories son, Memories. Believe me, you guys will all appreciate it someday:)

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Bobbi said...

LOVE all the pictures you send are way......Keep them coming.... What a silly little guy!