Monday, February 28, 2011

Just some random cuteness...

...of my two sweet boys.

Playing peek a boo over the couch

Giving kisses to the dogs

I posted this before during my week of LOVE but I love it so much I had to re post it.....They are so cute.

Man, when did my kids grow up? Trey will be in middle school next year...Look at his eyes...Gorgeous

This picture makes me laugh...Aiden is just as big as Trey when it comes to stuff like this... Trey got Xbox Live for Christmas and Aiden loves to watch Trey play...While big brother was off at school Aiden quietly went in Trey's room and put his head phones on and grabbed the controller...He was ready to play.


Bobbi said...

THOSE ARE ADORABLE PICTURES. I miss them so bad... Your right they're growing up! I sure wish you lived closer.. The pics bring me to tears:) but keep them coming......Love you guys!

Tiffany Y said...

awww they're so cute! I love looking at your blog!