Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day 2011

I LOVE this kissy kissy mushy mushy day and I LOVE waking my boys up with a little bag full of surprises.

Trey had just gotten up for school and Aiden baby was
stirring a bit so we woke him up with lots and lots of kisses 
(as you can see, he is still a bit tired)
But that face quickly turned into a smiling face
when he opened up a movie of his favorite show,
a Dr. Seuss book, a Disney hugs and kisses book, 
a little puppy book, and a few treats. 
Trey also got a movie, a book about the military of course,
some basketball shorts, bookmarks, and a few treats. 
They were two happy boys.
 The boys reading their books
I LOVE these boys more than anything. 
And I can't forget to thank my sweet husband
for getting me some roses, a glee CD (yes I LOVE glee),
my favorite red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese icing,
and a one hour massage at a spa.
He's the best!!!
When I was at the book store I saw this book
and couldn't put it down. I bought it to read to my boys
and it will definitely be a favorite of mine for years to come. It's a flip sided love it never ends.

I Love You More
written by Laura Duksta  Illustrated by Karen Keesler

Walking outdoors one day a little boy turned to his mother and asked, "Mommy, just how much do you love me?"
Surprised at the question but with no delay, she replied with a smile...
I love you higher than the highest bird every flew.
I love you taller than the tallest tree ever grew.
I love you longer than the longest path ever wound.
I love you prettier than the prettiest flower ever found.
I love you deeper than the deepest fish ever swam.
I love you stronger than the strongest big river dam.
I love you mightier than the mightiest wind ever blew.
I love you fuller than the fullest moon you ever knew.
I love you brighter than the brightest star ever shone.
I love you more, so much more than you've ever known.
Then she wrapped her arms around him with all the love that she had and he felt it all surround him when he gently whispered, "know what mommy?..."
I love you more!

(the other side)
Walking along a path one day, a mother turned to her son and asked, So, just how much do you love me?"
Ready for the question, the little boy took her hand and began...
I love you quieter than the quietest caterpillar ever creeped.
I love you further than the furthest frog ever leaped.
I love you bigger than the biggest bubble ever blown.
I love you freer than the freest kite ever flown.
I love you higher than the highest swing ever swung.
I love you sweeter than the sweetest song ever sung.
I love you longer than the longest lollipop ever tasted.
I love you louder than the loudest rocket ship ever blasted.
I love you taller than the tallest giraffe ever grown.
I love you more, so much more than you've ever known.

Then he wrapped his arms around her with all the love that he had and she felt it all surround her when she gently whispered, "know what son?..."
I love you more!

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet boys and my wonderful husband.


Bobbi said...

Such a cute post..... Your such a good Mommy! You do such fun things with the kids! Happy Valentines Day!

The Foisy's said...

So cute! I love that they have their shirts off. So funny!

The Foisy's said...

P.s. I love that Trey loves the Military!!!