Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girls Night Out

A few weeks ago my mom came and stayed with us for about 10 days...It was much needed for both of us...I miss not living by my family and it's times like this that I miss them even more. The last few days my mom was in town Tiff came down and stayed with us as well...Jason actually had a few days off to so he was willing to watch all the kids while we went out on the town for a few hours. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and an overall great time. Thanks to my hubby for watching the kids for the night:)

Tiff, Mom, and Me

Believe it or not but this was the first time we have went out on the town together with just us three...It's definitely something we need to do at least once year...Thanks for the great memories...Love you girls to pieces.

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