Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Of Middle School

We did it...We survived the first day of Middle School. The traffic was insane but we still managed to get there in time. This year is a bit of change for me. Not only is my oldest moving on to a bigger school but he is also going to be riding the bus. I decided to take him the first day and apparently everybody else took their kids too. Trey's school is up in Anthem. It's only a few years old and it seems to be a great school. It's in what I like to call a "ritzy" area. There's two or three different elementary schools that move on to Del Webb so there are quite a few kids there. Trey has at least one person in each of his classes that he knew from Schorr so that helps. I was a little nervous all day and was excited to go get him when school was over.

He was a happy boy when me and Aiden picked him up. I asked him how his first day was and he said it was "so much better than Elementary." So that's a plus. I asked him if he already had the girls chasing him and his response "Well, I definitely got a few looks" LOL. What a handsome boy I have!

The second day Trey wanted to ride the bus with his friends and so yesterday Aiden and I walked Sophie to the bus stop and waited for him on the grass. Aiden was so excited when the bus pulled up. So far so good on this Middle School journey:)

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