Monday, April 11, 2011

Just blowing some bubbles...

Aiden has recently discovered that he loves bubbles. I hadn't really ever had any bubbles around because I hate the sticky mess. Well, props to Jason for finding the best bubble toy ever. It's a gun that makes a laser sound and lights up and yes, it blows bubbles too. Perfect for a little boy who loves guns, (thanks to his big brother) and bubbles.

P.S. See that little red dirt devil vacuum??? Little Aiden picked that toy out at Toys R Us and he never puts it down....LOL...He calls it his "baa-cume" and it goes everywhere with us....To the park, in the car, and yes it even had to go to bed with him one night...I of course took it off the bed as soon as he fell asleep but he absolutely LOVES it. It's funny what toys they end up loving. Hmmm....I guess I should have known he would love it because he is always helping me clean and vacuum. In fact every time he sees a mess he is always getting a towel and cleaning it up. He's such a good little helper.


Kati said...

Jaron has that same Dirt Devil vaccum. My mom got it for him for his 2nd birthday and he loved it and now Jaedyn does, she pretends to help me clean.

BTW, when I saw the first pic of Aiden it reminded me of pics of me as a kid. He's a lot cuter, but the coloring you have it made me think that.

Kurt and Tara Heath said...

SO cute! Gavin is so into bubbles! He has a bubble "bachine" and he absolutely loves it! He too takes his toys to bed, one night I found him with a toy drill, hammer and construction goggles on!! Kids are too funny!