Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

Today my sweet baby Aiden turned two years old....Where has the time gone? I love him more than words can say and I can't imagine my life without him...He brings us so much joy and has the cutest personality ever. We are celebrating his Birthday this weekend with family and friends so I will definitely post more Birthday pics when I take them. For his special day we went to dinner at Grimaldi's, got an ice cream cone after, and some yummy cupcakes from the cupcakery. We also got a mini bundt cake from "nothin bundt cakes." (Delicious I must add) I know we are celebrating his Birthday this weekend but I would have felt bad if I didn't have him blow out some candles on his real Birthday. So all I could find in my drawers were some super tall trick candles that we used for Trey last year. Aiden loved it. He kept saying "again, again." We kept lighting them for him and he would blow them out. What a little cutie!

Happy Birthday little Aiden....We LOVE you so much!!!!   


Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Aiden! He looks so cute and is getting big! Can't wait to see you all!Love you!

Kati said...

Happy Birthay Aiden! What a great day to have a birthday on. I have 2 friends that also have April 18th as their birthday, plus it's my anniversary!