Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Boys

Last weekend i took my boys out for a photo shoot....You wouldn't know it but man I had a difficult time....It is so much harder taking pics of my own kids at this age. All Aiden wanted to do was run around and explore...there was absolutely no posing for him...And Trey just wanted to do his own thing which is perfectly fine when I am getting photo journalist shots...but I wanted some posed shots and his little attitude came out in full force...Nonetheless I got some amazing shots of my two boys and I am looking forward to the next ones:)

This pic makes me laugh...Both my boys were pulling there pants up while walking
hmmm...I guess I should invest in some smaller pants...LOL
But they are oh so cute:)

I LOVE my boys so much!!!

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Stephanie said...

Those are some amazing pics and some beautiful boys! I mean are in trouble!