Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run Plus Fun

Our Mom and Tot group we belong too has been meeting at Run Plus fun every week. It's on our side of town so we never miss it. Aiden has sooooo much fun and it's the cutest little place. It's never too crowded and it's CLEAN:) My hubby bought me a new point and shoot (thanks babe) for my upcoming Birthday so I took it along to snap some pics of my sweet baby. I had been wanting a small camera to take a long with me to play dates etc. so it wouldn't be the worst thing if I lost or broke it. Hopefully that wont happen but I'm just saying. It's so much easier carrying it around instead of my DSLR. I definitely will take my Nikon with me a few times just to get some awesome pics but this will work for now.

Look at this cute face

He has so much fun in the ball pit

It's the perfect size for toddlers

Just lounging in the ball pit after going down the slide

This is another slide that's connected to two others....We race each other down and it's a blast. I will have to get a better picture of them the next time we go...I only had the built in memory so it only held a few pics...I had to try it out first before I put my memory card in. He looks so tiny up there on the slide. He was watching a little friend go down on the green slide...He does so good and is such a little dare devil...I LOVE these little outings that the two of us get to take together.

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Kati said...

That first pic of him is so cute! I wish there was a place like that on my end of town for the kids to play at. Maybe I'll have to check that one out.