Monday, October 11, 2010

Picasso in Training

 The other day, the boys and I decided to have an art day.  I had some canvas in the garage that weren't being used so I thought it would be perfect for the boys to paint on those.  I headed to the store and got some washable paint because we all know what can happen when a toddler and paint are mixed together. We had a fun time and I was actually quite surprised that Aiden didn't get more messy than he did. He did great and I might just have a future Picasso in the family.

 Look at this face...He is seriously the cutest:)

He LOVES looking for birds in the sky. One flew over just as I snapped this picture

Look what I did brother....What are you painting?

 Mommy says I am a pretty good artist and I think so too:)

   Aiden's                                              Trey's               



**Krista** said...

What a cute little artist you have there. It looks like fun too! Did you really paint that one at the bottom? That is so good. Good job! No wonders he is a little artist, his mommy is too :)

Shauni Kaye said...

Thanks Krista...Yes I did paint it:) I hope one of my kids loves to be artistic like me:)

Callie said...

Dang Bob Ross! I'm impressed!