Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Dad

Last weekend we traveled up to Salina to see the family. My Dad turned the big 6-0 at the end of September and my brother turned 34 the day after. So we decided to throw them a little Birthday bash. While my Dad, Jason, Robbie, and Doug went out shooting, we got ready for their little party. We all got our party hats on, the kids blasted party in the USA, and as they walked through the door we surprised them:) We had so much fun just being together. Happy Birthday Dad and Robb!!! Here's to many more:) Love ya!
Mckinlee, Tiff, Me, Mom

Daddy and Aiden playing in the back yard

Randi, Tiff, Me, Mom

The Birthday Boy with all his grandkids

Aiden and Mommy

The five of us

The Birthday Boys

Tiff, Mom, and Me

While the older kids went Fossil Hunting the smaller kids had fun in the pumpkin patch. They got to each pick a pumpkin from Grandma and Grandpa's garden and they got some mini pumpkins too.

Britton, Maci Bo, Addi, and Aiden

Aiden enjoyed throwing the mini pumpkins...LOL...We had a blast at my parents house over the weekend and I wish we could spend more time with them. Aiden absolutely LOVES roaming around their huge yard and is such an explorer and every time we leave Trey always asks why we can't stay longer:( The boys LOVE visiting and we do as well:) Can't wait for the next time we get together:) Love you all!


Bobbi said...

It was so much fun having everyone up again at the same time....Thanks for all that you kids do for Dad and I.... You made his Birthday really fun....I sure enjoy looking at your blog!

Brenna said...

Very cute picturs Shauni! You do have a very special family :)