Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 5 ~ Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium

On day five we headed out to Legoland. We had never been here before either so we didn't know what to expect. After going there I would definitely recommend it to parents with 4-5-6 year olds. We had a great time but kids that age would absolutely LOVE it. Aiden was too small to go on any of the rides except a few of them which he didn't really care anyway. Trey and Mckinlee really enjoyed it too but the lines were super long. We happened to go on Star Wars Day which Trey LOVED but there were A LOT of people.

Trey, Mckinlee, and Me posing at the entrance of Legoland

This was hilarious...They had these lego people at the entrance and Jason and Aiden went over to them and I snapped this pic..It's funny because that even looks like our MDX next to them. They were completely made of legos and it looked pretty cool.

Trey holding on to his Lego Dad and brother....LOL

Miss Ninny was a little bit embarrassed...can you tell?

Look at the work that went into creating this LEGO baby

YAY! Star Wars Days

Okay, so I don't know too much about Star Wars and I have two boys in the house that ABSOLUTELY LOVE it so forgive me boys if I call one of these star wars people the wrong names. Here is Trey and Jason posing with clone toopers I believe.

And they have the force...Do you?
ps. I don't know who this is...Don't be mad Star Wars fans.

Darth Vader made out of LEGOS...pretty cool huh

I thought this was awesome...Here's Trey and I posing in front of the Las Vegas strip made completely of Legos. It looked so realistic...We look like giants in front of the strip.

The stratosphere rides on top were even made of legos.

I took a close up of the Mirage made of legos...can you imagine how long this would take?

Aiden loved this...The lego music intruments would play and shoot water when you would jump on the little circles in front of each instrument....It was really cute.

He enjoyed playing at the playground too:)

Daddy and Aiden

Mommy and Aiden riding a little train ride

Daddy and Aiden peeking through the Lego Lion

Look how cute he is...He is posing for me in the dinosaur egg

Trey and Mckinlee riding this CRAZY ride and LOVING it

Jason, Trey, and Ninny

Jason, Trey and Aiden....a trooper and a blue lady from Star Wars

My boys and the clone troopers

Lego Chewbacca and my cute boys

After Legoland we walked over to the new Sea Life aquarium next door...Aiden loved the fishies

We saw Stingrays....Doesn't it's mouth look freaky?

And we saw sharks

Lots of fishies

and cool aquariums

This aquarium had a hole that you could go under and stick your heads in...Aiden didn't know what to think. It was a pretty neat place and very educational. We had a fun long day...Afterwards we headed back to the hotel, ordered pizza, and hung out by the pool that evening. We had a FANTASTIC time in San Diego...I can't wait to go back:) Thanks honey for taking us on a great summer vacation this year. You always work so hard for our family and we appreciate it so much. Love you always!

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