Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 4 ~ San Diego Zoo ~ Beach ~ Dinner

On day four of our lovely San Diego Vacation we headed to the San Diego Zoo. (The best zoo ever) It was HUGE! We seen so many animals I can't even name them all. We walked around, went on a skyfari, and also a guided bus tour. We wanted to make sure that we seen everything.

Aiden, Mommy, Trey, Daddy, Mckinlee

The first thing we wanted to do was visit the Panda's...There are less than 2500 left in the world which is so sad. They are the cutest animals. When we went to see them they were all sleeping with their backs turned towards us. We were super bummed because we wanted to look at their faces. We decided to grab a little something to eat and when we were finished we headed back to the panda bears. I am so glad we did because this is what we saw. They were awake and eating. It was so cool to watch them. I just wanted to snuggle with it. The kids enjoyed watching them too.

We had to get a picture with the panda in the background. They had four panda bears at the zoo and this is just one of them. The other one's were over in a different area.

The zoo was enormous. After we got to one side of the zoo we decided to get onto the skyfari for a little ride across the zoo. It was pretty cool. And quite high up in the air. Mckinlee and Trey rode by themselves and snapped this cute picture of themselves.

We were in front of them and here I snapped a pic of my other two guys:) Aiden had just woke up and didn't know what to think of the ride.

What a silly little dude. He was pulling a face at the camera. LOL

And this was the other reason I wanted to go to the Zoo. I loved this little koala. He was so dang cute. I wanted to just pick him up and cuddle. I was so excited to see the koala bears. We had a great day at the zoo and headed back to our hotel. And we just had to hit the beach again:)

Me and my sweet babies at the beach in San Diego

WOW...Look at how talented he is:)

Me and my niece Mckinlee

See that house in the background....Oh how I wish that was mine

The kids had a blast playing at the beach

Aiden almost got knocked over by this wave...He had some pretty good balance I must say.

He LOVED it so much

I love my boy's short little legs. Look at how cute his little body is. I could stare at this all day.

Aiden LOVED sitting on his brothers back...Every time Trey was drying off Aiden came and jumped on him.

Awwww. Look at my Aiden baby's little footprints in the sand. Soooo cute.

Look at this face....He absolutely loved the beach.

He practiced a little yoga on the beach too

This picture of him makes me laugh so hard...He loved the sand so much that he was dipping his face in it. He wasn't concerned about the sand getting in his eyes...He just loved every bit of it.

We had a fantastic time a the beach and I was so sad to leave it...Sigh... If only my husband got transferred there so we had to move...Just a small dream I have...and now it was time to walk back to the hotel...We showered and got dressed and headed to the Corvette Diner to meet up with Jason's friends. It was the cutest place. They had loud music and everyone that worked their looked like they came straight out of the fifties. The atmosphere was great.

Trey and Mckinlee drinking their yummy shakes

LOL....Look at this wink...I freaking LOVE him. (and my other two boys of course)

Jason, Me, Aiden, Trey, Mckinlee, Shawn and Gwen

We ended the night with good food and good friends.  The kids loved it too. At one point our waitress grabbed the Trey and Mckinlee and they were all out there doing the chicken dance with a whole bunch of people. It was a super cute setting and  a fun time.

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