Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Weather = Fun in the Sun

The weather has been so nice the past couple of weeks. We have enjoyed going to the parks and playing outdoors. Aiden is loving walking and is the busiest little guy ever. Big brother Trey is definitely a big help. We are going to take in as much sunshine as possible the next few months before it gets too hot....then the only thing we will be doing outdoors is swimming. Enjoy the park pics:)

Daddy and Aiden playing at the park

My little Linus....He can't go anywhere without his blankie
Trey being silly at the park

Aiden is having fun swinging for the first time all by himself
Still being "Linus"

Trey is such a great big brother....Aiden adores him

Taking a break with blankie (I absolutely LOVE how he puts it up to his mouth like that)

Daddy and Aiden watching Trey fly his kite

Mommy and Aiden ( he is trying to figure out why his big brother has the camera...usually its

Trey finished out his basketball season a month ago and is now starting his baseball season.  I am so glad he enjoys sports so much. I love watching him play. He had player ratings for baseball a few weeks ago and did awesome. He has such a great arm. He is in a new league this year which is kid pitch so this year will definitely be new, fun, and interesting.


Bobbi said...

Awwwww That looks like so much fun.....I'm definatley ready for SPRING!!!!!! The boys look so cute and happy......Love the pics!

**Krista** said...

Oh I cannot wait for warmer weather here. We seem to get a glimpse of it, then it goes away. Still not warm enough for shorts! The boys look so cute and it looks like they are having fun getting to play outside. Dax has a blanket made of that same material but different colors and he loves it too! I love how Aiden carries it around with him all the time. How sweet is that! They are getting so big! That is awesome that Trey is loving so many different sports.