Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a wonderful weekend.....

Christmas weekend we traveled up to Salina to have our family christmas party. We were a little concerned about the weather, but we made it up just fine. I was a nervous wreck and made Jason drive the whole way there. At times we couldn't even see out of our window because of the slush, dirt, and salt. Once we arrived we had a blast. The kids are always so excited to see one another. We made homeade pizzas, breadsticks, and desserts and Jason even had a famous Juniors cheesecake delivered to my parents home from NYC. It's a tradition of his and since we weren't in Jersey, he brought it to us! YUMMY!

Tiff, Doug, Me, Jason, Robbie, and Randi at Mom's house

Addi, Maci Bo, Mckinlee, Trey, Britton, Tanner, and Braxon

Trey holding Mckinlee's christmas present Muzzy.

Christmas morning at our house was a lot of fun. Even the puppies enjoyed it. Trey was quite surprised by his World Tour (rockband) that Santa gave him. He enjoyed opening all of his presents and definitely made a haul. Santa even left Sophie and Tuffy some peanut butter suckers, jerky, and squeeky toys. Jason also spoiled me this christmas. I got a new coach purse, digital camera, sewing machine, and a new scanner. I was also definitely surprised. Thanks honey for all the great gifts. All in all, we had a wonderful christmas and next year we will have another bundle of joy to celebrate with.

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Bobbi said...

Cute pictures!The Christmas season is definitely a fun time of year... I'm glad you starting some of your own new traditions together...It's something to look forward to... That's cool! Trey is getting so big! Looks like he enjoyed Christmas! We sure did enjoy having you all here!