Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Just as the snow started to fall Trey was outside in it. He just couldn't believe that it was snowing in VEGAS! He was out of school for the day due to parent teacher conference and was so excited to be able to be outside in the snow instead of school.

A little while later, it was still snowing. YAY! This is a picture of the front of our house with our tree still standing......

As the snow kept falling I realized I didn't have anything to cook for dinner. Trey was more than happy to go out and brave the snow to go to the grocery store with me. I was a little hesitant. We walked outside and our car was covered. I didn't have a scraper (are you kidding, it's vegas) so I had to go inside and get the broom. As I was coming back outside I slipped a couple of times but I caught myself thankfully. That would not have been good. My sides have already been hurting quite a bit from my ligaments stretching. The roads were kind of scary because they don't snow plow the roads here, so I just went slow and we made it just fine.

And now we are off to the grocery store and the car is FINALLY cleaned off!

When Jason got off of work, he came in the door and immediately told Trey "Lets go play in the snow" Trey was so excited. So as I was cooking dinner I decided to go outside and check on them. They had already built a massive snowman just from the snow on our sidewalk. I cannot believe how much it snowed here. Me being from Utah, and my husband being from New Jersey, we kind of miss the snow (sometimes.) So this was a great treat for us! No more dreaming of a white christmas. We got the real stuff.

After several hours of snowfall, our tree in our front yard collapsed. The snow was too heavy for it, and it fell right onto our sidewalk into three different parts. We decided to go in for the night and as we were watching TV, a banner came across the bottom screen and announced that clark county school district was taking a snow day today! So now Trey has no school today either. He was elated. It struck me kind of funny because I remember it snowing in Salina a ton and it seemed like we never got any snow days. But this is Vegas after all!!!!!!

"Our poor tree"


Bobbi said...


That is unbelievable! I think you got way more snow than we did.. That's so amazing! Looks like you were all having fun! I like the snowman! I guess when it snows in Vegas they have no resources like snowplows and such so it just snarls the city....See you didn't even have an ice scrapper little lone a snow plow! Be careful and hope to see you the day after Christmas! Love Mom
PS Trey, Enjoy your day out of school sounds like you are doing well and made the honor roll! Good Job!

Brenna said...

That is amazing!!!! Looks like Trey took full advantage of the snow.

The Foisy's said...

K, I'm a total idiot. I just saw your message about Monday, on Wednesday. I totally spaced it. I've had a crazy week! I promise we are getting together after Christmas and the madness is gone!! I need to see you and catch up. Do you want to know what's crazy, we only got snow here in the north for like 10 minutes! You got mad snow! Nothing stuck here!

Newby's said...

Thats crazy! Looks like you had fun though.

The Hardman's said...

I can't believe it snowed that much in Vegas,that's crazy! it snowed a lot here too, it was fun, but I'm glad it doesn't do that every day. I still can't see your pregnant belly, you need to take a side profile pic and post it so we can see what you look like pregnant!