Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Fun

We had another playdate at Run Plus Fun...Aiden had a blast as usual and we went and the perfect time...There were only a few other kids there so basically we had the place to ourselves...As you can see in the pics the boys had a ball.

Aiden loves sorting, stacking, and playing with legos of any sort. He gets into his brothers legos at home and loves to use his imagination.

He even took some time out to rock my friends little baby...I know he will be a great big brother some day...He loves baby's and is always very curious about them.

Checking up on the baby again.
The boys loved hanging on these...Aiden has a lot of upper strength and could hang on to these for a very long time.  They had had a blast:)

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The Foisy's said...

Hey where is that? It looks better than Mc Donalds!! LOL