Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Weekend

On Friday, the day before Halloween Tiff and her family came down to stay for the weekend. I was so happy they came down. Right when they got here we got the kids dressed up in their halloween costumes and off we went to my ward trunk or treat. We had dinner and the kids got loads of candy afterward.

On Saturday, we went to McKee Ranch. The kids got to feed the animals and even got to ride on a horse. We got tons of pictures at the ranch and had a great time. We stayed for a few hours and the kids enjoyed playing.

Me and all my boys

My little family

Me and my Aiden Baby

Look at the birds Daddy!

Cousin Britton and Aiden

Britton, Aiden and Maci Bo

Trey and Tanner feeding the horses
Me and my first born (Aw...he's growing up too fast)

Daddy and Aiden giving the horses a bite

Maci Bo was a little nervous...Can you tell?

My Handsome Boy
Aiden had soooo much fun playing with everything

Trey and Maci Bo going for a ride on the horse

Sunday was kind of crazy. We decided to go to Town Square for their trick or treating from store to store. They have a really cute playground in the middle of Town Square as well so I thought the kids would really enjoy playing there. Well, everyone else thought that too. It was INSANE! to say the least. The kids got some candy but it was sooooo crowded. We took them to the playground and they played there for a bit and then we decided to leave so the kids could go trick or treating elsewhere. We left at six and got home at eight. Yes, it took two lovely hours to get out of that crowded place. I was getting road rage and really ticked off. We actually made the best of the situation. Me and Tiff, Maci Bo and Aiden were in my car and the boys were in the car with Doug and Jason. Luckily Aiden fell asleep for most of the time. The guys actually got home before we did so Jason took the boys around our neighborhood while Doug packed all their stuff in the car so they could drive home. Once we got home we had dinner waiting for us in the crock pot thank goodness...I had made sloppy joes before we left...It's a tradition to have sloppy joes in the crock pot every Halloween:) We had dinner and visited for a little longer before they left. They finally got out of here at eleven. It was a very fun weekend minus the stressful traffic jam at Town Square. The kids ended up getting tons of candy. All the neighbors down here were giving them handfuls so it all worked out in the end.

*Note to self*
DO NOT go to Town Square next Halloween. I will enjoy H&M throughout the year and take Tiff there when she comes down on a not so busy weekend:)

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