Monday, January 11, 2010

What A Week

After a weeks worth of breathing treatments, two different antibiotics, and lots and lots of TLC, my Aiden baby is FINALLY better:) I took him to the pediatrician today and she said that his lungs sound so much better. YAY! I just love my baby to pieces and I am so glad he is feeling better:) Right now I am watching him play with his big brother. He is standing up on his own and balancing. What a big boy! We are so proud of him. The boys just love spending time together. Everything Trey does is funny in Aidens eyes. I love it:) Below are a few pics of Aiden I have taken recently. He is getting so big!!

As you can see, he has been busy as a bee. He loves to climb the stairs, play in the tunnel, play with big brother, the puppies, and all his toys. Man, there is no stopping him. I know what you are all thinking....Just wait until he starts walking. Oh I already know. This little guy is going to be everywhere:) And I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Look at this face!!! This is Aidey's medicine face. Every time I gave him medicine he would do this and not let me in. He wasn't about to have that bitter tasting yucky stuff. No way!!! I mixed it with cereal, juice, baby food, and everything I could think of. He is so silly. After making a trip back to the pharmacy to get his antibiotic flavored and several more attempts I finally succeeded.



**Krista** said...

He is such a sweet boy! I love the face he is pulling it looks just like you fed him a lemon. So cute! I am glad to hear that he is getting better.

Bobbi said...

You wasn't just a kidding about him tightening up his lips and refusing his medicine. What a cutie pie! So glad Trey gets to experience the delight of having a little brother and I'm so relieved our little guy is getting better!!!

Lara said...

I am so glad he is better! It is always scary to have your little ones sick!

P.S. Love that medicine face! Priceless...