Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sylvester Christmas Party and Temple Square

We had a great time at our Sylvester family Christmas party this year. We decided to do something a little different. We drove up Friday night to my parents house. Saturday morning we woke up and had a yummy Christmas breakfast, opened presents, and then headed up to SLC to temple square to see the lights, and ate at Brick Oven for dinner. It was a lot of fun:) It was super chilly but we were all bundled up so it was fine.
All the cousins getting ready to open up there gifts
Photobucket Daddy, Mommy, and Aiden

Jason, Trey, Me, and Aiden

Jason, Aiden, and I at temple square in SLC

Aiden unwrapping gifts...overwhelmed and super tired

Aidey LOVES blankies...He just unwrapped a new one from grandma and grandpa

Mom unwrapping her new coach purse...Can you say surprised???

Trey and Britton at temple square...best little buddies

Robbie, Tiff and Me

Cousins overlooking the reflection pond

All the Sylvester cousins including myself. We had a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. It was a lot of fun and nothing is better than family time:) You guys are the best

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Tiffany said...

Those are the cutest pictures. That was a lot of fun wasn't it? Its times like these we will remember forever. Loved it!