Saturday, November 14, 2009

I LOVE me some Aiden

Wow!!! My sweet baby angel muffin will be seven months old on November 18th. He is such an amazing little boy. He has accomplished so many things already. He has been crawling for quite awhile now but has just recently started to crawl fast. So now he can get into the kitchen from the living room in no time at all. He learned how to stand up to things a couple of weeks ago and has even stood alone with "no hands" for about 5 seconds. He amazes me and daddy more and more each day. He loves his blanket and whenever he gets tired all he has to do is put his blanket up by his mouth and he is out. His favorite toys are actually not toys at all. They are the remotes, phones, keys, and water bottles. He is so silly and such an inquisitive little guy. We LOVE him soooooo much:) Happy seven month birthday boogie!!!Love you always and forever.


Look at his face....he looks quite mischevious



This is Lucus and Aiden playing at the park. We met Lucus and his mom Teigan at the mommy mixers we have been going to. We have had several playdates with them. The boys are just too cute and they are only three days apart. And even more of a coincidence, Teigan and I both got married on the same day, same year, at the same exact place and we both have nine year olds as well. I thought that was pretty crazy. We have a lot of fun with them. It's been nice meeting new people and getting out of the house.


Look at these eyelashes



**Krista** said...

Very cute pictures Shauni! He is such a cute lil boy. Its amazing how fast they grow up. He is doing so much for how young he is. I am glad to see that you have met some people at the mixer, especially with so much in common, that is awesome.

Bobbi said...

My heck what a cutie! Love all the pics! I'm just in awwwwww how he changes so much so fast. "Adorable"

Tiffany said...

OMG! He is so BEAUTIFUL~~ His lips, eyes,everything. I love hi,. love him, love him!

Tiffany Y said...

awww he has gotten sooo big! I wish I was there to play with him and give him a big hug! Thanks for posting all the pics! I love looking at them!

The Sylvester's said...

Soooo dang cute!!! I love the ones in the hat. He is such a cute boy. Can't wait to see you guys on Thanksgiving.

Lacy said...

He is adorable Shauni! I am jealous he falls asleep so easily. Jett is such a good baby but he does not like to go to bed. He will do anything to keep himself awake so he doesn't have to sleep.

Kurt and Tara Heath said...

He is So cute! I love the picture with the beanie!!! I love all your pictures- they are so great!!

Stephanie said...

He is seriously so stinking cute! I love the naked standing up one at the crib. Cute, cute, cute!

Britania said...

He is so adorable, we need to get together and let the boys play. Good job you guys, you better have like 5 more :)