Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been the BEST 6 months....

I cannot believe that my little baby is now six months old. As I always say, he has been such a blessing to our family. Aiden started sitting up completely by himself about two weeks before he turned six months. He does a scoot-crawl and gets to wherever he wants to go and is almost crawling without the scoot. He'll get there soon I am sure. He is such a big boy. He loves laughing at his big brother Trey and spending time with him. He gets so excited when daddy comes through the door and his official nickname is "boogie" pronounced boo-gie. Although I do have several little names for him. He is still a mommy's boy which I LOVE!!! Enjoy the six month pics!!!



Aiden working his way to pet sophie
Bath Time!!!


Monroes said...

Wow, I cannot believe how fast 6 months has gone by. Aiden is so cute!

Bobbi said...

Wow Shauni! He changes everyday!!!I just LOVE that little guy!!!! Love all the pics! Thank goodness for the internet! The picture of him in his Halloween costume you emailed me is simply adorable!!!!

Mckinlee Lynn said...

So cute Shauni!!! He is getting to big. I love all his pics especially his lion one it is the cutest thing.

Britania said...

All that sickness is long forgotten:)