Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Undefeated Scorpion!!!

Trey played his last game of the season yesterday. He did such a great job and made the winning basket. His team went undefeated this year, winning all 7 games. They won the first six games by alot of points, but this seventh game was a little different. They finally met their match. It was back and forth all game until the last thirty seconds. The scorpions came out on top winning their last game. I am so proud of Trey. He loved playing basketball this year and it seems to be his favorite sport thus far. I have now signed him up for baseball and he will start at the end of march. Good Job Trey. We Love You!!!

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Bobbi said...

Good Job Trey! I'm so glad that you enjoy sports....Wish I could of been there...ait to go Scorpions! Cute picture! I Love Ya!